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Winning Drives Engagement

Giving is amazing and it is even more amazing for your donors who are generously supporting meaningful causes and getting the chance to win something back! We have generated hundreds of winners on our campaigns, whose connection and support to your non-profit strengthens with each chance to win.

Proven Increase In Retention

Incentivized Giving™ campaigns add a new and different connection for your donors and this is clear in the high retention which can complement your existing regular committed giving campaigns.

As you would expect donors who become winners are even more committed and we have seen 20% higher retention for winning donors, boosting the return on investment on your Incentivized Giving™ campaign even further.

A Whole New Audience

The exciting aspect of an Incentivized Giving™ campaign is the ability to engage a new audience who may not normally chose to support your non-profit. The combination of your compelling cause and the excitement of a weekly prize draw attracts new donors and increases your brand awareness and exposure which ultimately leads to more committed donors for your cause.

From Our Winners

“The Zenterprize Incentivized Giving campaign has created a way for a new group of sustainers to donate to our organization, whose retention has far exceeded our expectations. We see huge potential in this campaign’s ability to increase our revenue stream.”