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The Next Generation Of Fundraising

Incentivized Giving™ is a new and exciting product which engages and markets to a whole new audience for the non-profit sector.

It offers your supporters the opportunity to support your great cause and have a chance to benefit themselves.

ZenterPrize takes care of everything – so whether you are at the early stages of fundraising or looking to innovate on your existing fundraising campaigns, Incentivized Giving™ is the future of fundraising.

New Audience,
Greater Reach

Incentivized Giving™ generates greater awareness about a project or cause and encourages long-term support.

Every organization values donors who give freely. Incentivized Giving™ campaigns engage an entirely new audience who may not usually donate. These new supporters are attracted to the excitement of the prize draw combined with the opportunity to support a meaningful cause.

Your Incentivized Giving™ Campaign

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We will design, create, operate and manage your Incentivized Giving™ campaign to attract new supporters to your cause.

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ZenterPrize will manage the payment processing and donation collection, of which 100% will go directly into your bank account

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Every week a prize draw will take place and there will be guaranteed winners, a top prize and runners up.

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ZenterPrize will fund the prizes, manage all the administration and notify the winners.

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ZenterPrize will provide dashboards, reporting and analytics to measure the success of your fundraising campaign.

An Incentivized Giving™ campaign’s return on investment performs similarly and complements that of a regular giving campaign, whilst reaching an entirely new audience.