New audience, greater reach

At ZenterPrize, we create highly effective, multi-channel fundraising campaigns that generate greater awareness and engage new and harder-to-reach audiences to support your cause.

Our innovative Incentivized Giving campaigns deliver real results. By combining the gift of giving with the appeal of a regular prize draw we have created a simple and highly effective tool for you to broaden your base of long-term, actively engaged sustainers and reward them for their support.

A flexible online fundraising solution

Our flexible Incentivized Giving campaigns can be used to enhance, extend, complement or replace your existing acquisition strategy. They also offer full scalability which, until now, is something that has only been accomplished by face-to-face fundraising.

And ZenterPrize takes care of everything. We design, create, operate and manage everything, and can launch your campaign within six weeks!

Whether you are at the early stages of fundraising, looking to enhance your existing acquisition strategies or to launch a standalone digital campaign, Incentivized Giving really is the future of fundraising.

Incentivized Giving in 5 simple steps

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ZenterPrize creates, launches and manages your Incentivized Giving campaign to attract new supporters to your cause.

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ZenterPrize will manage the payment processing and donation collection, of which 100% will go directly into your bank account

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Sustainers are rewarded with a weekly prize draw that includes guaranteed winners, a top prize and runners up.

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ZenterPrize manages the prize draws, funds the prizes and notifies the winners.

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We provide personalized dashboards, real-time reporting and analytics to measure the success of your campaign.

We manage the end-to-end campaign, allowing you to focus on long term planning and what your organization does best – helping those in need.